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Cannibals and snakes, The Plague! No! Yes!

Also large bugs, and men with pointy teeth!

7/26/05 12:13 am - Friends Only, Yo.

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7/25/05 04:31 pm - Fun.

Last Night Katy and Lana and I Went Swimming Until Midnight..The water was Nice and warm, except we Were talking about Zombies and Stuff and it was Dark, Obviously..so We got Scared. o_o; We then went back to My House to watch Sailor Moon and act Retarded. Literally. X3 Besides this, I am going out to Dinner at the Lodge tonight with my Grandpa. w00t! XD
I Have Joined two Sailor Moon Rating Communities on LJ Here, and they are Fun. Katy Joined one too. So Far I Have been Voted on as Ami, and on the Villians one I Have been Voted on either Tin Nyanko or Iron Mouse. X3 It is soo Fun.
One Comment I Got voted me for Ami; and they also Said I Was Pretty. I Get so Amazed when someone calls me Pretty..I Never Realized how Badly I Think of Myself. =/ But it's Nice to get those comments, anyhow. Kelly, you so have to come over sometime and Watch Sailor Stars. The Japanese version of the Anime is so Much Better than the English one. Four discs of Pure Love. o_O;

7/23/05 12:59 am - .....

I am on a HUGE Sailor Moon kick.

I Love it.

Is it Monday yet? I Don't want to Work anymore. >_>

7/22/05 12:09 pm - Yay, Boredom;

So I'm Bored. I am on Disc Three of Sailor Moon ~ Sailor Stars. it's Really Good. I Like it. X3 I Don't want to go to Work todaaay...I'm too Lazy for stuff like that. x_x; I Can't wait Until Sunday Night after work..I Don't have to Work Monday or Tuesday. -Squeals.- XD

7/20/05 10:52 pm - Ahaha.

So I Let Kelly Borrow Live Action Sailor Moon Because it is so..Great. o_O; LANA, THANK YOU FOR THAT WEBSITE. I Joined it. Omg. I Feel so..Not Alone! -Squeal.- That is so Awesome! I am so Thrilled. X3
Besides this, I Got Sailor Moon : Sailor Stars today in the Mail. Men who turn into Women..Hot. o_o


Kelly and I Figured out who we all are, Sailor Moon-wise. We want to make a Cheap Sailor Moon Movie thing, Because it would be so Horrible it would be Awesome. o_o..So as it Stands;

Kelly - Ami / Sailor Mercury
Lana - Minako / Sailor Venus
Katy - Rei / Sailor Mars
Hillary - Makoto / Sailor Jupiter
Me - Usagi / Sailor Moon

O_o...I Guess I Can be a Ditz Sometimes? NO-ONE COMMENT ON THAT, THNX. X3

7/19/05 11:39 pm - "You'll be the next Victim of his Pimp Stick!";

My Dad and I Went to See Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Today..or, Yesterday actually, and It was AWESOME. I Loved it. Johnny Depp did a Wonderful Job as Willy Wonka. I Think I Like this Version better than the Original, Though The Original is good, too. Now I Really want to see the Corpse Bride..it Looks Neat. X3 Though it looks alot Like Nightmare before Christmas. =/ Kelly and Katy came over tonight, though Katy is still Here. o_o; Kelly, Katy, and I Tried to Play Fatal Frame for awhile, But we Were in too Silly of a Mood to get Very Far. So after that attempt, Kelly and I Ended up Watching Live Action Sailor Moon, Because it is so Lame and Cheesy that it is actually Cool. O_o; Katy and Hillary went Upstairs to Watch Mean Creek and Eurotrip. Kelly Went Home alittle While ago Because she was teh Tired..so We can do it again Some other time. It was Fun. ^_^ and Thank-you so Much for the Harry Potter stuff, Kelly. I HEART YOU FOREVER AND EVER. <3333 x 4 lyfe. XD That book made me Cry. at Like, Three in the Morning, when I Finished Reading it. I Got the Coolest Hello Kitty watch today..It Amazes me. But then again, I am Amused/Amazed Easily..x_x; I Believe I am going to go to Bed Now, Because I am really Tired and I Have to go to Work Tomorrow/Today. Blah..I Hope it as slow as It was Last Night for my Mom and Sister. -Sigh.- I am getting sick of Being so Busy at Work all the Time. >_>

7/13/05 12:08 pm - "Maybe they Blew Up Ashland!";

Went Swimming with Kelly, Lana, and Michelle Yesterday. The Lake was Warm, Or it was on Top, anyway. XD Played Some Mario Tennis on Kelly's Gamecube, and then Squealed Like a Fan Girl at Link's Really Hot Raping Moves in Soul Caliber II.. I need to Buy that Game for PS2, Someday. It's Really Fun. <3. Kelly, Lana, and I then Went to Ashland to Go See Dark Water; Which was Really Good for a Remake of a Japanese Movie. the Ending was Great! I Loved it. We Went all Dressed Up..Lana Looked Like a Slutty School-girl, I Went in my Kimono, and Kelly went all..Sparkly and Shiny and Mardi Gras-ish. It was Fun. We were the Only Ones in the Theatre; and the Girls at the Counter Questioned Us on how we Were Dressed. X3 After the Movie we Went to Country Kitchen, Where the Other People there Probably thought we were Drunk, Since we Were Laughing and Singing alot. Kelly and Lana were going to come over to My House to Play some Fatal Frame, But we were all too Tired, So we can do it Some Other Time. ^_^ It's Hot today, And I Have to Work. Blah. I Don't feel Like it. But at Least I Don't Have to Be there Until Five-Thirty...I Hope we aren't Very Busy, Because I'm Lazy. XD

7/11/05 09:57 pm - w00t.

So Gerard and I are back together again. He said he Realized his Mistake and he wants to be with me. I am SO HAPPY. XDDD!! He is going to come and visit me within the Next year..That'll be Exciting. X3 Anyhow; My dad and I Went Four-wheeling today, and we Went to the Lodge..It was Fun, But I Got Really Really Dusty, thanks to my Dad. x_x...My Grandparents and their Company was at the Lodge when we Got there, so that was Sort of a Surprise..We also Got to See Sharon's Daughter's Puppies. They are so Cute. XD Tomorrow Kelly and I..and Maybe Lana, May go See Dark Water in Ashland, Since They don't have it in Ironwood. Stupid Town. >_>;; Blah. I Need to Pay off my Credit Card so I Can Buy Stuff...Like BoA's best of Soul; These Cute little Korean things that I Found on yesasia.com, and some Great Ayumi Hamasaki stuff I Found on Ebay. I am SUCH A J-pop Whore. I Love it. XD Now I am off to go Wait for Gerard to Come online. <3

7/7/05 10:52 pm - <33

I am doing Much Better now..and I am not that Depressed anymore, Though I Did suffer a Panic Attack today, Out of No-where..Probably Brought on by Stress and mah Sadness..It wasn't Cool. I WANT TO MARRY ALL MY FRIENDS BECAUSE THEY LOVE ME LIEK WHOA. Especially Kelly and Lana. <3 I Heart you guys Hardcore. Thanks for being Supportive for Meee XD ..In other News, I Will Probably be able to go to the Potter Party now, at least I Hope I Can..Because it will be awesome. Wee. On Tuesday, Kelly, Lana and I Are going to see the American Version of Dark Water..Which is Probably not going to Be that Good. I'm Frightened to see how Badly they Butchered it, Like they Butchered the Grudge..Yeah. x_x; I now get Monday and Tuesday off, and I Work Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday..So I Get to Work with Kelly now. w00t. X3

P.S. - I am SO Marrying Utada Hikaru and Takako Fuji. <3

7/5/05 12:21 pm - Oh Snap;

So Gerard decided to break up with me on Friday night..He said our Relationship wasn't going anywhere, and so forth...I haven't been dealing with it that well, and I'm majorly Depressed. I Spent most of the afternoon yesterday Crying in my room. x_x;...It's so hard to get Over him, after three Years..But I am making an effort to take my Mind off of Him..tomorrow Katy, Kelly, and I are going to go into Town and get some stuff done for the Potter Party. I Feel like Crying again..I'm so Unhappy Right now it isn't even cool. I Have been talking to James on the phone alot lately, and He has been Cheering me Up abit..and that Helps alot..I Wish I Could get Over Gerard, fast. I Don't like this Pain. he May be Far away and we May never have actually Met..But it Still Hurts, alot..I Don't even know what to do.. I Have to Work Tonight and Wednesday and Thursday night aswell, and Maybe that will Help keep my Mind off of things..I Guess Keeping Busy will Help out alot..I Hope so, anyway. I Hate feeling so Alone..I Guess I am going to go Wander around and Listen to some Music now..
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